Itameks’ Human Resources act within a clearly defined organizational structure. The continuity of a clear structure requires the presence of the right person in the right place. In line with this, the accurate identification of positions, capabilities, and required qualifications and their compatibility with each other is ensured at the initial stage. The stage after this is finding the right candidate for the corresponding position. Our Recruitment Process is grouped under two main topics which are "New Graduates" and “Experienced Professionals.”

1. New Graduates

New graduates are being recruited for each of our departments. In this process, which focuses on personal and professional development, the recruited individual, starting from the position in the department in which he wants to specialize, has the opportunity for being assessed for positions abroad or at other positions or departments, based on his foreign language skills, target oriented evaluations and his competencies.

The main purpose of this process, which is implemented in the recruitment of new graduates, is to contribute to the personal development of employees, to develop their competencies by on the job training and external training programs and to draw their career plans by evaluating them for a position in which they will create added value for the company. In the new graduate recruiting process, attention is paid to the following issues.

* The school / department the candidate graduated and his foreign language skills.

* Candidate’s prior internships.

* Competency-based interview.

* Case studies.


2. Experienced Professionals

If you want to utilize your professional experience in Itameks and work with us, you can specify the department you want to work in and the name of the position, by sending you curriculum vitae form to The recruitment process for the experienced professionals is carried out through the following stages:

* Evaluation of CVs which are appropriate for our opened positions.

* Competency-based interview with the Human Resources.

* Second meeting with the participation of the director of the relevant unit.

* Presentation and / or case study.

* Competency Questionnaire.

* Reference research.