Our company’s R&D and P&D works are conducted in 3 main divisions;

  • The flexibility of production according to customer requirements
  • Considering the productivity and quality standards depending on the OE Global Automotive expectations
  • Project and APQP management by a professional and experienced team.
Our R&D / P&D Works:

By giving the importance to R&D and PD and by making all the points from compound development to product development inhouse is addressing us as a market leader. Some of the requirements that we meet and some topics included in our product development process as given at below.

Research & Development: 

  • Compound development studies for TPE, TSE and Rubber
  • Following REACH standard
  • Meeting 2 legal requirements as safety and flammability
  • Wearing resistance with antisliding resistance
  • Passing from Odor tests

Product Development: 

  • Design studies
  • 2D and 3D mould programmes
  • Product and process development/ Prototyping
  • Product and process validation – Mould production
  • All kind of surface treatments
  • Validation of the first of tool and serial production 
Our R&D / P&D Works
Laboratory and Test:

The test methods which could be conducted inhouse are stated below. All the given test methods are based on Turkish Standards (TS).

  • All Rheological feature
  •  Physical characteristics (density, stability)
  • Abrassion
  • Tensile Strength
  • Tear
  • Pressure
Laboratory and Test